Things You Should Know

We don’t like it either, but these Terms and Conditions are for everyone’s protection.  Reservations are made subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below and making a payment confirms that you accept them.  Any notices and changes have to be in writing or e-mail.
“Dining In” is a trading name used by John Boyd.


Reservations can only be confirmed with an initial payment equal to £5.00 for each guest in your party.  This amount is not refundable.  We will send you a Coupon to redeem the amount at the checkout when you place your order.
It’s important not to under-estimate the size of your party just to save on the value of the initial payment.  We do take  multiple reservations and if your order does’t match the number you’ve told us you may get bumped by a later booking that’s taken the places you add.
We need your order and final payment three weeks before the date of your event.  Payment for Family Meals and Reservations with Order are made at the time of booking.


For larger events a payment to bring the total advance payment to 50% of the expected final account is to be made six months before the date of the event.  The balance of the account is due one month before the event.  We do not store customers’ credit card information.
Payments can be made by debit or credit card at the make-a-payment page of the Dining In website or by direct bank transfer to the Dining In bank account.  We’ll supply details on request.


Because of our island location cancellations affect us severely as it may not be possible to fill the space.  We maintain a strict cancellation policy and strongly recommend that you should take insurance where possible to cover the cost of cancellation or disruption.

If you cancel:

  • one month or more before an event or fail to pay the balance you’ll forfeit your initial payments.
  • less than one month before the first date of the event you agree to pay the full balance of the expected final account.

This even applies if you’re unable to travel because of adverse weather conditions.
If we have to cancel a booking for any reason before the scheduled date we will return all advance payments in full, which is the absolute extent of our liability.
Occasionally we may agree to a different payment arrangement.
If an instalment is overdue by ten days we will assume that your booking is cancelled and the conditions above will apply.
A final bill for bar and incidentals has to be paid on the day.  We’ll need a deposit or pre-authorised debit or credit card charge to cover this.

Menus and Food.

Your menu choice has to be made one month in advance of your event.  We’ll provide a full menu plan.  We accept no liability for illness caused by an allergy or intolerance you’ve not told us about in advance.  We can cater for special dietary requirements  (not as a menu-choice alternative) for a limited number only with advance notice.  If we can’t obtain suitable supplies conveniently we may have to substitute alternative food or drink of a similar quality.  No food is to be brought to an event unless we agree beforehand.


Final numbers have to be confirmed one month before your event.
Family Meals are supplied for the number you say.  We do not guarantee that there will be enough food to suit a greater number.
Buffets rely on your estimate of the number attending.  Although it may be possible to accommodate a small last minute increase in numbers we don’t accept responsibility for a shortage of food and do not guarantee to supply service to any guests arriving at your event in excess of the final number you’ve said. We will charge for the number of guests you notify or the number who attend an event, whichever is the greater.


For Private Dining and Event Catering our staff will be on hand to set up and clear away and to help your guests.  We will agree how much time we’ll need beforehand to be able to set up properly.  An excessively late finish may incur an additional charge.


For Private Dining and Event Catering the price of your event includes the use of appropriate tableware.  When we supply your drinks we supply glassware.  If you are supplying your own drinks we can hire additional glassware.
When we cook in your house it may be necessary to supplement your equipment to ensure cooking quality and proper food safety.
We can also supply tables, chairs, flowers, candelabra and other decorations.
We will clear away our kit at the end of your event, but it may be necessary for us to collect it over the following day or so.

Table Wines and Bar.

We need six weeks notice if we are to provide alcoholic drinks.  All alcoholic drinks are supplied under the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 2005.  Your guests are subject to the normal conventions and you are responsible for their orderly conduct.
We can provide table wines included in the price of your meal.  Unless we operate a cash bar additional wines and bar drinks are supplied on an “open bottle” basis up to a limit agreed in advance.  Any bill for additional drinks must be settled on the day.
No alcohol is to be brought to an event unless we agree beforehand.  When we supply your drinks any guest found to be drinking alcohol not supplied by us will be charged a corkage fee equivalent to the price of the drinks as if we had supplied them.

Additional Facilities.

You acknowledge that a rented venue is suitable for your event and that you have made appropriate arrangements with the owner to accommodate your intended number of guests.
We can arrange for marquees, toilet facilities and other temporary structures subject to appropriate consent.
We can negotiate directly with owners and contractors as part of our event planning service.  You agree to cooperate with any requirements placed on us by the venue or contractors.  We accept no responsibility for the actions or failures of third party contractors outside our control.  You agree to pay any fees imposed on us by owners or contractors.
Some activities may be covered by the conditions of an Occasional Licence granted by North Ayrshire Council.  We’ll tell you what these are and you must abide by them.


You agree to pay the full price of chips, dings and losses of equipment you hire from us.  The amount will be deducted from the Security Deposit you pay ahead of the Hire.  We treat all Security Deposits as one, which means if you’ve hired more than one category of equipment and paid their deposits we can recover the full cost of damages of any category from the total even if other categories of hire are returned intact.  If the charge is greater than the total Security Deposit paid we will invoice you for the difference and payment is due on receipt.
You are liable for the cost of any damage caused by your actions, those of your guests or contractors to premises where an event takes place, its fixtures and fittings or any hired facilities.


In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the quality of the food or service we provide you have to tell us specifically during the event.  We will do whatever we can to resolve your complaint at the time.  If we haven’t been able to satisfy you please contact us by email or in writing within seven days of your event.  We accept no liability for illness caused by a food allergy or intolerance you’ve not told us about in advance.


We do not store customers’ credit card information.
We do not collect any information about you unless you provide it voluntarily on the website or by other means.  We need to store this information to fulfil some of our own legal obligations.  Our online forms are secure and all data  you send us is encrypted.  We’ll store things like your name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address together with details of your orders.  Unless you tell us otherwise you agree that we can contact you in the future about Dining In.  We promise not to spam.  We will not share your contact information with anyone else – ever.

Delay in Action.

If Dining In does not act immediately to enforce these Terms and Conditions it does not mean that we have waived our right to do so.

Contact Us.

You can contact us on the web or by e-mail using the details on the Contact Us page.