Private Dining

An easy way to share an exquisite, restaurant quality dinner with friends and family at home.

You don’t have to do a thing except invite your guests, relax and enjoy the perfect Private Dining experience.

It’s not just the amazing quality of our cooking – it’s the whole experience…

  • Your table looks stunning with candles and white linen.
  • Options for three, four, five and six course menus.
  • Our service is discreet, professional and exclusively for you.
  • There’s no competition for service like in some restaurants.
  • You’ll have no worries about the kids or have to find a trusted babysitter.
  • We can provide cocktails, table wines and digestifs, no one has to be a nominated driver who won’t drink and there’s no late night lottery for a taxi.
  • We always clear up before we go, which saves you one headache the next morning.

 We keep it local.  We use seasonal ingredients and we’re proud to support Island producers and suppliers.

We’re world-food enthusiasts – so you’ll find influences and dishes from further afield than Arran.

We’re working on a new menu and booking page, which will be ready in time for Spring 2017.

Please get in touch if you’d like to make a booking or just want some extra information.

We don’t like it either, but for everyone’s protection there is small print attached to your booking.
Please check the Things You Should Know.
Our forms are secure and encrypted.  We don’t collect any information about you apart from the details you provide voluntarily by sending us a form.  We do not store customers’ credit card details.

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