Privacy Policy

We do not store customers’ payment card information.

As part of the booking and planning process it’s necessary for us to be able to contact you. We do not collect any information about you unless you provide it voluntarily on the website or by other means.

We need to store this information to fulfil some of our own legal obligations. Our online forms are secure and all data you send us is encrypted. We’ll store things like your name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address.

We will keep your information for 12 months from the date of your event, in case you want to use your, “My Account” again.  After that your information will be deleted from the website and you will have to re-enter the details if you place a further order.

Unless you tell us otherwise you agree that we can contact you in the future about Dining In.  We promise there won’t be any spam.

We will not share your contact information with anyone else – ever (unless compelled to do so by law, obviously).