Casual Dining

It’s your holiday and “Self-catering” doesn’t always mean cooking for yourself.

Supper in the garden

First night meal when you arrive?

Big numbers to feed?

Just want a quiet night in?

Re-discover honest-to-goodness, old school cooking and the true, communal essence of a family meal.

You’re in charge. Dining In is the great, no-hassle option for a home-cooked family meal without you having to lift a finger. Maybe it’s a bit retro, but it’s your choice. Pick the meal you’d like to serve, we’ll cook it, deliver it  and all you do is get everyone to the table and enjoy the pleasure of sharing…

Two courses from £16.65 each
Three courses from £20.50 each
Delivered to where you are on Arran.

A carry-out meal of starter, main course with accompaniment and half of a side dish (that you have to collect yourself) can still cost more.
Click here for a copy of the full menu you can view, print or download.



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Pick the meal you’d like to serve,
we’ll cook it, deliver it  and
all you do is get everyone to the table and
enjoy the pleasure of sharing…


Potted smoked mackerel.
Locally smoked mackerel pâté, Arran apple chutney, Arran oaties.

Celeriac and pear remoulade (V).
Matchsticks of celeriac and pear with Arran grain mustard & red chilli in mayonnaise.

Chicken liver pâté.
Our famous all butter, chicken liver pâté, lightly pickled red onion, Arran oaties. 

Pitta and dips (V). Add supplement £0.50 each.
Minted pea purée, hummus and tzatziki with olives, pickles and dipping pita.

Spanakopita (V).
Filo parcel of spinach, pine nuts & Feta.

Griddled aubergine rolls (V).
With mi-cuit tomato, fresh basil & Mozzarella.

Courgette, rice galette (V).
As a starter with Arran hot beetroot chutney.

Arran Blue and Leek tart (V).
An individual tart with award winning Arran Blue cheese & blanched leeks.

Ham hock terrine.
Traditional French style Jambon Persillé.  Shredded ham with lots of fresh parsley.  Arran Grain Mustard mayonnaise.

Piedmont Roasted pepper.  Add supplement £0.75 each.
Red pepper stuffed with cherry tomato, black olives, garlic and anchovy with fresh basil and Balsamic dressing.

Salad “Niçoise”.  Add supplement £0.50 each
Skipness hot-smoked salmon, green beans, little gem, potato, tomato & olives.

Chicken & pork terrine.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Finest charcuterie with chicken breast fillet wrapped in pancetta.  Arran apple chutney.


Seafood Pasta.
With a medley of seafood, fresh tomato, herbs and a hint of chilli.

Mixed-Bean Casserole (V).
With roasted vegetables and polenta.

Mushroom agrodolce (V).
Pasta bows cooked with mushroom and fennel in Madeira sauce.

Arran Lamb.
Braised lamb with root vegetables, leeks and barley.

Pork & Beans.
As served from John Wayne’s chuck wagon.  Unctuous chunks of salt & spiced pork shoulder cooked with black beans.  Comes with flat-bread.

Courgette, rice galette (V).
As a main course. Courgettes baked with rice, onions and cheese.  Tomato & herb sauce (V).

Spanakopita (V).
As a main course.  Filo pie filled with spinach, feta and toasted pine nuts (V).

Chicken & Mushrooms.
Breast medallions and mushrooms in white wine & cream sauce.  Comes with George’s baguette.

Pea and potato cakes (V).
Fried potato cakes with crushed garden peas, spring onion and mint (2).  Comes with apple and raisin coleslaw.

Greek inspired lasagne style baked macaroni in Arran Dunlop cheese sauce with a layer of meat sauce and a cheese crust.

Ham Hotpot.
Luscious smoked ham chunks with mushrooms and apricots in smokey, sweet and sour gravy.  Comes with George’s baguette.

Cottage Pie.
Proper chunks of prime beef in gravy baked with vegetables under buttery mash.

Probably the Best Chilli Outside Texas.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Chunks of real beef (none of your mamby-pamby mince) with beans in our secret spicy sauce, corn tortillas, guacamole, soured cream & cheese.

French country chicken.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Boneless chicken thighs cooked with braised lettuce, ham, peas and shallots.  Comes with George’s baguette.

Salmon pil-pil.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Salmon fillets cooked Spanish style with lemon, paprika, olive oil and butter.  Comes with George’s olive focaccia.

Keeper’s Mixed Game Cobbler.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
A fine selection of seasonal game cooked in a rich, glossy gravy with a light, suet top crust.

Buckwheat & cashew Pithivier (V).  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Puff pastry wheel filled with mixed grains, roasted buckwheat and cashew nuts.

Beef with Red Squirrel.  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Beef collops and vegetables in our signature Red Squirrel Ale gravy.  Comes with George’s baguette.

Porchetta style roast pork.  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Italian street style with fennel seeds, garlic and chilli. Ideal for sharing. Comes with George’s tomato & red onion focaccia. 

Luxury seafood pie.  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Salmon, smoked cod, mussels, prawns and hard boiled egg in parsley sauce under a buttery mashed potato topping. 

Moroccan lamb kofta tagine.  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Hand-rolled spiced meatballs with chickpeas, dried fruit and preserved lemon.  Comes with herbed couscous.

Coq au vin.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Classic French chicken casserole with red wine, mushrooms and shallots.  Comes with George’s baguette.

To carve yourself:  Add supplement £2.50 each.
Order vegetable side dishes at the checkout.

Rare roast beef sirloin.
with proper beef gravy.

Pink roast gigot of lamb (bone out).
with pan juices and mint & orange jelly.


Add these at the checkout once you’ve chosen a main course.
£8.00 for six.

Vegetable medley.
Freshly cooked seasonal market vegetables and baby potatoes to compliment your main course choice.

Stir-fried shredded cabbage & mixed vegetables.

Baby potatoes.
Steamed baby potatoes dressed with butter and fresh garden herbs.

Buttery mash.
The words “too much butter” and “mashed potato” never appear in the same sentence.

Dauphinoise potato.  Add supplement £0.50 each.
A perennial favourite – sliced potato baked with cream.

Traditional baked, creamy mixture of potato and shredded cabbage.

Steamed rice.
Not much else to say…

The best bread on Arran – chunks of George’s sourdough loaf.


Butterscotch profiteroles.
Choux pastry balls filled with cream and covered with butterscotch sauce.

Chocolate butter sponge pudding. *
Old fashioned pudding with molten chocolate sauce*.

Fig & ginger sponge pudding, ginger syrup. *
Our twist on the ubiquitous Sticky toffee.

Mixed fruit crumble. *
Apples and seasonal fruit under a crunchy butter crumble.

Arran Gold & white chocolate tart.
All butter puff pastry case filled with Arran Gold and white chocolate ganache.

New York lemon cheesecake.
Straightforward baked cheesecake, maybe a bit like Junior’s.  Seasonal fruit topping.

Coconut jam tart. *
Back to the nursery.  All butter shortcrust case filled with coconut macaroon and jam.

Apple pie*.
Damn’ fine apple pie…  Deep filled puff pastry apple pie says it all, really.

Mississippi mud pie.  Add supplement £1.00 each.
Chocolate case, chocolate fondant, chocolate fudge icing…  stop already.

Chocolate roulade with seasonal berries.  Add supplement £0.75 each.
Rolled chocolate sponge filled with whipped cream and seasonal berries.

Charlotte Russe  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Orange flavoured bavarois inside a sponge case with orange curd and orange liqueur. 

Apricot & Amaretto Terrine.  Add supplement £1.50 each.
Chocolate sponge, apricot liqueur mousse with crushed almond cantucci and liqueur soaked apricots.

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