Arran Malt and Music Festival 2017 Podcast

Arran Malt Whisky Paired With Local Foods. Arran Malt Whisky Paired With James’s Chocolates. To mark John’s third year presenting Masterclasses at the Arran Malt and Music Festival at the Isle of Arran Distillery in Lochranza here’s his first podcast.

Chocolate from James of Arran paired with Arran Malt

It was a most onerous task I was set yesterday afternoon. Eating chocolate from James of Arran paired with Arran Malt whiskies. Well, perhaps when you put it like that it doesn’t sound too difficult, but we’re preparing for my

A good knife is for life not just for Christmas

I know superstition has it that you should never give a knife as a gift.  They say the gift will cut your friendship and so the recipient has to pay a penny.  Penny paid, it’s no longer a gift. Bob Kramer incorporates

Summer Desserts

Lately we’ve been doing some great summer desserts because there’s nothing like a serious bit of something sweet to finish off your meal.   At Dining In we make no apology for our summer desserts.  They’re sheer indulgence made in the

Family buffet on Arran

A centrepiece dressed salmon makes the family buffet. We don’t often get to do one of these so it’s a pleasure when it comes off.  This dressed salmon was the centrepiece of a family buffet at the weekend in Blackwaterfoot.  People

New private dining summer menu online

We’ve updated our private dining summer menu online.  Take a look at the Private Dining page and follow the link to the full list of dishes. A meal like this in some other places would cost you much more than

Self catering doesn’t always mean cooking for yourself.

Self catering doesn’t always mean cooking for yourself.  It’s your holiday so, how good is it that you can have a great, no-hassle option for a home-cooked meal or a celebration dinner without having to go anywhere? Ideal for a first-night

Arran Lamb for Easter

I’m not proud when it comes to where I find inspiration.  I’ll take it wherever it turns up.  This week, when visitors have just come from Greece and they brought some goodies it’s so obvious it’s a pure bonus. There are perfumed

Dining In Pies Perfect Party Food

Dining In pies are the perfect party food.  It’s Pi day, so what better day to shout about Dining In’s handmade pies. When you write today’s date in the American format mm/dd/yy you get 3.1415 – the value of π,

Autumn menus and a new look

Our new Autumn menus are available and the website has had a wee facelift.  Hope there’s something here to whet the appetite!


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